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Our International Network

Expertise on Location

Our international network of surveyors is covering various main ports over the world. We have expanded our network over the past years based on a close collaboration with local colleagues and delivery of high end quality service such as clear reporting and communication.

All our network offices employ qualified marine surveyors with long standing experience in overall marine surveying industry.

We and our partner surveyors are active in Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canary Islands (covering North Africa), Chili, China, Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany, India, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

For international survey inquiries within our network or in other countries, please contact our main office in Antwerp or mail to international@dk-surveys.com .


Antwerp – Belgium

Zeebrugge – Belgium

Varna, Burgas – Bulgaria

Rijeka – Croatia

Bordeaux – France

Dijon – France

Le Havre – France

Lille – France

Lyon – France

Marseille – France

Nantes – France

Paris – France

Toulouse – France

Bremen – Germany

Cologne – Germany

Düsseldorf – Germany

Frankfurt – Germany

Hamburg – Germany

Regensburg – Germany

Cagliari – Italy

Genova – Italy

Rotterdam – The Netherlands

Santander – Spain

Zürich – Switzerland

Istanbul – Turkey

Odessa – Ukraine


Tallin – Estonia

Szczecin – Poland

St. Petersburg – Russia


Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Iquique – Chile


Las Palmas – Canary Islands (covering North Africa)

Durban – South Africa

Richards Bay – South Africa


Tianjin – China

Mumbai – India

Colombo – Sri Lanka

Bangkok – Thailand